Octo Quattro™ by Analog Way is a Computer & Video Up/Down Scaler Switcher with 4 universal A/V inputs. It

perfoms an ultra fast and smooth transition between any scaled sources.

Each of the 4 inputs is fitted with a stereo audio line. The audio can either follow or break away from the video image.

The volume of each audio can be individually adjusted.

Octo Quattro can fit with the native resolution of the projection display and provides high image quality thanks to its

integrated digital decoder, improved 3:2 and 2:2 pull down circuitry, auto-adaptative pixel by pixel 3D motion compensation

and time base corrector. All individual image controls settings are stored in non-volatile memories.

This compact device is especially dedicated to the installation market, for entry level High Resolution A/V presentation

displays, conference and boardrooms. Easy to use, Octo Quattro offers auto image centering, auto pixel clock, auto scan.




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